The Best Guarantee for Medical Emergency Electricity

2022-05-17 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

In recent years when epidemics and natural disasters occur frequently, outdoor emergency rescue has become the norm. With the guidance of national policies and the improvement of people's awareness of safety protection, more and more technological products such as drones and emergency battery backup power have been used. As emergency supplies, it is widely used in rescue and rescue, and has become the most important item in the list of rescue and family emergency supplies.

Speaking of emergency battery backup power, this is a portable energy storage device that has both AC output and DC output functions and features high power and large capacity. Because the volume is lighter than the generator, it is easy to take and does not take up a lot of space. Therefore, it has been accepted by more people and started to use it, which can help people realize the freedom to use electricity outdoors.

Outdoors, there will inevitably be various complex environments, so this STW emergency battery backup power can just help us. First of all, from the appearance of the fuselage, in order to facilitate the movement, it looks more like a 24-inch suitcase that you carry with you when you travel, and uses very sturdy and durable universal wheels. The shell is composed of an aluminum alloy shell with a thickness of 5mm and a PC+ABS fireproof plastic shell. The product is durable and strong, with the characteristics of strong impact resistance and fast heat dissipation.

The interface is divided into a 220V AC output part and a 12V/5V DC output part, and the interface is covered with a dust cover. When the emergency battery backup power is not used, the dust cover can prevent the entry of dust and foreign objects and reduce the risk of electric shock. .

This STW emergency battery backup power has a very wide audience, mainly focusing on unit procurement, project procurement, government procurement, and public welfare procurement. There are also purchases by some individual users and collective fundraising purchases. Its use covers an extremely wide area, and it has brought a brand-new electricity consumption scheme to many places where electricity is in short supply and it is difficult to obtain electricity.