The use of emergency battery backup power in the medical field

2022-05-17 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

With the development of the times, especially the continuous development of the medical industry, there are very high requirements for the stability and safety of power supply. In the face of the continuous increase in the number of doctors and the pressure of medical treatment and the power operation caused by high-precision equipment load, which is a huge test for the power system and power safety equipment of medical institutions, and requires forward-looking overall planning and planning to realize the power supply demand in emergency situations.

For these pain points, STW emergency battery backup power STW2500 provides the best solution. The main features of STW outdoor power bank are stable performance, large battery capacity, long cycle life, light weight and easy portability. It is not only a backup guarantee for the power system, but also the basis for the normal operation of electrical equipment.

emergency battery backup power

Whether in hospitals or other medical settings, even brief power outages can cause immeasurable harm to patients and hospitals. Just like for a patient who needs oxygen, once the ventilator fails to work properly due to a power outage, the patient's life will be in danger at any time. But with STW emergency battery backup power, the situation is different. STW2500 contains a 220V pure sine wave AC output port, and the output waveform is the same as the commonly used commercial power. It will not cause electrical damage to the battery itself or the electrical equipment. damage. At the same time, it supports the function of charging and discharging at the same time, and has the function of new energy solar MPPT. The STW emergency battery backup power is used together with the solar charging panel, which can make the solar panel generate electricity to the best state. The device supports a maximum output of 2000W, the peak value is 4000W, and the frequency is switchable at 50Hz/60Hz, which can perfectly match the electrical equipment.

It is very necessary to carry out effective prevention and protection against the potential safety hazard of medical system collapse caused by power failure and power failure caused by circuit failure. Protect people's property safety and life safety.