portable charging station helps outdoor medical rescue

2022-05-18 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

In recent years, natural disasters have continued, and news about outdoor medical rescue has continuously appeared in the public eye, which has attracted the attention of the people, but most people generally have a vague concept of the outdoor medical rescue industry. Many people think that outdoor medical rescue is as simple as installing a stretcher in the rescue vehicle.

In fact, in addition to the stretcher, it also needs to be equipped with a full set of EMS equipment and medical equipment, including: oxygen cylinder, electrocardiograph, respirator, sputum suction machine, infusion pump, first aid kit, front and rear cabin lighting system, power supply system, etc.

Because there are many devices that need electricity, the power supply system has also become the most important part of outdoor medical rescue. STW portable charging station is a power supply system with both AC and DC output and can be used for mobile use, so it is often used in outdoor medical care. Use in outdoor environments such as rescue industry.

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The rated power is 1500W, 1380Wh long-lasting battery life and large capacity. While the product is only 15Kg in weight and compact in body design, it can still provide 220V AC output, 12V DC output, 12V cigarette lighter, and USB-A 18W fast charging. The output, USB-C 60W fast charging output capability can solve the charging problem of most electronic products that are often used in travel.

In terms of details, the shell is still made of aluminum alloy, but the thickness has become a 3mm ultra-thick aluminum alloy. The interior is equipped with an intelligent temperature control and cooling system. The DC output part is divided into two independent switches, DC/USB, and a 12V cigarette lighter. The unique rubber dust plug can better protect the output interface of the product, and the protective cover also has the function of preventing rainwater, which keeps the inside of the interface clean and clean, and prolongs the service life of the STW portable charging station.