Battery power station is a multi-series multi-parallel battery pack

2022-05-20 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

The battery power station related to new energy has become a popular product at present. CCTV has previously conducted a special report on the battery power station. During Tmall 618 in 2021, the turnover of the top brands of battery power station has rushed to the 3C digital accessories industry. Top 10, and the growth rate in the past 3 years is more than 300%. At the same time, the kilowatt-level battery power station has gradually become the mainstream of the market, and the application scope of the battery power station has been greatly expanded.

The battery power station generally uses a lithium-ion battery pack or a lithium iron phosphate battery pack as an energy storage device, and converts the DC power of the battery pack to AC output through an inverter circuit to meet the power needs of various electrical equipment.

Due to the need to achieve high power output, the battery power station must use a multi-series and multi-parallel battery pack to improve the voltage and discharge capacity of the battery pack. Among them, the lithium battery protection chip is particularly important. When the batteries are used in series, due to the individual differences of the battery itself and the inconsistent working environment temperature, the phenomenon of unbalanced cell voltage will occur.

The protection chip with built-in equalization function can automatically parallel discharge resistance for the fully charged battery during charging, thereby reducing the charging current of the corresponding battery. state.