shared rental power bank charging station app service platform

Feature:24 Power Banks + 1 Charging Station  +  POS (3-in-1 Charging Cable Optional)
Capacity:5000mah*24 Power Bank
Battery Type :Li-polymer Battery 
Input :AC 220V ~ 50Hz 0.8A(MAX)   5V-2A
Output : DC 5V-13A   DC 5V-2A

Case Material :ABS  
Color:Black or Customized 
Certifications :CE,RoHs,FCC,MSDS and so on  
Warranty :12 Months 
Working Temperature:-10°C~40°C 

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1. 24 Port POS share super power banks for restaurant / hotel 
2. ABS Material , built-in micro USB / type-c / other cables
3. Anti-theft: Hall anti-theft detection is added at both ends of the charging treasure to prevent artificial return
4. Explosion-proof damage: electronic lock strong reinforcement, to prevent the human explosion force treasure
5. Prevent man-made damage: man-made damage to the circuit, the battery returned unsuccessful
6. Special card replacement window: It is not necessary to disassemble the shell circuit to replace the card



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